Translators as historical actors – Firenze, 23/6/2017

Translators as historical actors – Third workshop

Firenze, Sala del Camino – Villa Salviati (Via Bolognese 156), 23 giugno 2017, ore 9.30

Seminario organizzato dal Dipartimento SAGAS dell’Università di Firenze e dal Department of History and Civilization dello European University Institute





The importance of the study of translation is increasingly realised by historians, and is no longer left to theoreticians of translation or literary specialists. This workshop, like the two previous ones in the series will look at the question through a study of translators, in order to acquire a better understanding of translation as a historical phenomenon and its importance. In the introduction to the Cultural Translation in Early Modern Europe, Peter Burke asked: who translates ? With what intentions ? For whom ? With what consequences ? This workshop will, through case studies of individual translators or particular groups over a long historical period, both try to answer these questions and look at the context in which they worked and the factors influencing their decisions and the publication of their translations. This third workshop will concentrate on the Eighteenth Century. Like the two previous ones workshop is co-organised in collaboration with the History Department of Università di Firenze (SAGAS), as part of a programme of wider cooperation, and also with the Istituto per la storia del pensiero filosofico e scientifico moderno, ISPF-CNR, Milano-Napoli. It will also be an opportunity to present the project of a database of eighteenth-century translators.


9.30                              Introduction: Rolando Minuti, Luisa Simonutti, Ann Thomson

10.00-10.45                   Giancarlo Casale: Revisiting Translation in the Ottoman Empire: A Long View

10.45                            Coffee break

11.00-11.45                   Yasmin Haskell: Jesuit Poetic Translation in the Shadow of the Suppression: Commerce, Consolidation, Consolation?

11.45-12.30                   Stefano Pellò: Translation and the Hindu Scribe: Reconstructions from the 18th c. Indo-Persian space


12.45-14.00                   Lunch


14.00-14.45                   Antonella Alimento: Une opération de publication: l’édition livournaise du Del commercio de Belloni (1751)

14.45-15.30                   Gertjan Schutte: Debates on decline and economic reform in the Dutch Republic, 1771-1796


15.30                            Coffee break


16.00                            Presentation of the Database on eighteenth-century translators, followed by a Roundtable, chaired by Luisa Simonutti, with:

Emmanuelle de Champs, Lázló Kontler, Giovanni Tarantino, Luisa Simonutti, Alessia Castagnino, Rolando Minuti

Marco Guidi & Monica Lupetti: presentation of EE-T Project