The Image of the City transformed: 15th-18th Century – Anversa, 23-24/5/2013

The Image of the City transformed: 15th-18th Century

Anversa (Belgio), 23-24 maggio 2013

Conferenza internazionale

Organizzata da: Faculty of Design Sciences of the University of Antwerp; Artesis University College





The international conference will focus on the transformation of the image of the city and how this underwent profound changes during the early modern period in Europe and America. The image of the city is interpreted as the physical and morphological city structure, the ways in which activities of residents, users, entrepreneurs and authorities in the city occur, and the perception of the city as represented in written texts and visual imagery. The study of the image of the city has increased enormously in recent decades. In many disciplines such as architecture, urban planning, sociology, anthropology and perception psychology, there is a growing interest in the way that image is created. Many researchers still focus on describing cities at a specific moment in time, describing their perceived identity and characteristics at that point.  Less attention is paid to the transformations that the image of the city has undergone over time. Questions we could ask include: How are the images of the cities formed and how are they changing? Who is responsible for the transformation of the image of the city, that can be either slow or rapid? Do changes in the city’s image evolve only from a functional point of view, or also from physical or morphological stand points? Which components of a city are the most sensitive to mutations in image formation?



Thursday 23th May 2013

6.00 p.m. Registration

7.00 p.m. Welcome: dr. Leen Beyers, Head of Research MAS

7.10 p.m. Prof dr. Werner Oechslin (ETH Zürich): ‘Embellissement’ and the uprising image of the town within the city

8.10 p.m. ir. Kristiaan Borret (City Architect of Antwerp): Imagining the city today. The urban regeneration of Antwerp

9.00 p.m. Philip Heylen, vice-mayor of Culture for the city of Antwerp

Reception offered by the Antwerp City Council and the MAS Museum

Friday 24th May 2013

9.00 a.m. Registration

9.15 a.m. Welcome: Carl De Pauw, Director MAS

Introduction: Prof.dr. Piet Lombaerde (University of Antwerp – University College Artesis)

Morning: President: dr. Charles van den Heuvel (Huygens Institute for the History of the Netherlands)

9.30 a.m.

The artist, the city and the urban theatre: early modern representations of the urban landscape in context (Southern Netherlands – second half of the 16th century), dr. Katrien Lichtert, UGent

10.00 a.m.

Between reality and ideal: the image of the city in late medieval Netherlandish panelpainting, dr. Jelle De Rock, UGent

10.30 a.m.

Images of cities in travelogues and diaries, dr. Jan Parmentier, MAS Museum Antwerp

11.00 a.m. Coffee

11.30 a.m.

Dominion of the eye: transformation of early modern Florence, Prof. dr. M. Trachtenberg, New York University

12.00 a.m.

Visual and physical transformations of Wolfenbüttel in the 16th and 17th centuries, dr. Barbara Uppenkamp, University of Kassel

12.30 a.m. Lunchtime break

Afternoon: President: dr. Pieter Martens (Catholic University of Leuven)

2.00 p.m. Key-note lecture: The bastioned system as a transformer of city images, Prof.dr. Martha Pollak, University of Illinois, Chicago

3.00 p.m.

Transformation of city images: the case of Antwerp during its Golden Age, Prof.dr. Piet Lombaerde, University of Antwerp – University College Artesis

3.30 p.m.

From small town to merchant metropolis. Amsterdam as an example of early modern city planning, dr. Jaap Evert Abrahamse, Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands

4.00 p.m. Coffee

4.30 p.m.

The renaissance of Savannah’s city image, Asst. Prof. dr. Christopher Heuer, University of Princeton

5.00 p.m.

Myth and Reason: Lisbon’s image before and after the 1755 earthquake, dr. Helena Murteira, Centro de História da Arte e Investigação Artística, Universidade de Évora; dr. Alexandra Gago da Câmara, Universidade Aberta, Centro de História da Arte e Investigação Artística, Universidade de Évora; dr. Paulo Simões Rodrigues, Centro de História da Arte e Investigação Artística, Universidade de Évora

5.30 p.m.

A commercial aesthetics and the rebuilding of the image of London 1670-1810, dr. Alex Werner, Museum of London

6.00 p.m. Discussion and Conclusion remarks

6.30 p.m. Reception offered by the Faculty of Architecture (UA and Artesis University College)